AEG Domestic Kitchen Appliances and Repairs Services

The Creative Repairs Team
The Creative Repairs Team

AEG is undoubtedly one of the well known brands when it comes to a company that produces quality kitchen appliances. After all, AEG created the first automatic washing machine in 1958, called the Lavamat. Another invention, the heat pump drying technology, also comes from AEG.
Today it would be difficult to imagine life without an automatic washing machine or a tumble dryer, or combined washer-dryer. We have these domestic kitchen appliances in almost every home.

The latest amazing product from AEG is the ÖKOKombi Plus washer dryer, a combination of washer and dryer with unique technology that gives your clothes the perfect wash and dry every time. The ÖKOKombi Plus washer dryer has the Woolmark Blue certification, which is an assurance for quality. Indeed, in this AEG washer dryer you’ll find that over-washing or over-heating is impossible, with the introduction of the  smart electronics that monitor the drum weight to ensure the drying cycles are as long as necessary and not a second more.

With the heat pump drying technology incorporated in this washer dryer, you can dry even the most delicate of fabrics without damaging them, as it allows a low temperature drying cycle.
This AEG washing machine and dryer has also been designed to wash and dry any size load, while using the minimum water and energy.

AEG fridge-freezers are a very good choice for any household in need of a new smart kitchen appliance, with clever features, designed for convenience and long lasting food freshness.

With the creation of Pro-Fresh AEG fridge-freezer, the company offers a domestic fridge-freezer with features any professional chef would choose. Its TwinTech Cooling Technology offers optimum humidity levels by chilling the fridge and freezer compartments separately, and the innovative MultiAir flow system keeping the fridge compartments evenly cool for longer lasting food.
AEG fridge freezers have clever storage, helping you to organise your fridge shelves well, as well as ice-free freezer compartments.
AEG fridge-freezers are always a good choice, with energy saving models.

Ever since expanding its kitchen appliance range, AEG have strived to be innovative. The latest AEG dishwasher, ProClean, has been designed with better dishwashing and energy saving in mind.

AEG dishwasher ProClean has 10 more litres of space than the conventional dishwashers, allowing you to load more dishes in one go. AEG has also added a new smart feature, the satellite spray arm, to help reach the corners for a better clean.
AEG dishwashers impress with beautiful design, energy saving features and smart programs for better dishwashing.

AEG’s cooker hoods have been designed for clearer air and with elegant design. The combination of powerful air extraction system and multilayer grease filters guarantees that your kitchen will stay smell-free while you enjoy cooking at home.
AEG cooker extractors are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Repairs4U offers professional fridge-freezer repairs in London. Our fully trained repairs technicians provide AEG fridge/freezer repair services and AEG fridge repairs, for all models, same or next day bookings available.

At Repairs4U we have fixed prices and our promise is that your fridge-freezer or fridge will work flawlessly for the next year. Quality repair services for AEG fridge/freezers and AEG fridges, provided by our fully qualified repairs engineers, with spare parts provided directly from manufacturers. In fact, we work only with original spare parts for all AEG domestic kitchen appliances. We repair AEG cooker hoods and also provide AEG dishwasher repairs, AEG washing machine repair services, as well as repairs for AEG tumble dryers and AEG washer dryers.

Washing machines have changed over the years and, ever since inventing the first automatic washing machine, AEG have always presented good quality appliances on the market, that’s why our repairs engineers find AEG washing machines always a delight to work with. We guarantee set prices for our AEG washing machine repairs services.

Repairs4U also offers AEG dishwasher repairs services for any model, same or next day bookings available.

AEG washer-dryer repairs services and AEG dryer repairs services are also provided by Repairs4U, again with the promise for affordable prices and friendly repairs technicians.

Repairs4U provides AEG domestic kitchen appliance repairs and maintenance for all London areas within the M25.