How to Remove Mould from Washing Machine

The Creative Repairs Team
The Creative Repairs Team

If you are reading this article, you have most likely noticed mould appearing in the washing powder dispenser and/or on the door rubber seal of your washing machine, your clothes smell and don’t feel as clean as they used to after wash.

The mould could cause allergies, respiratory problems and other serious medical issues. The fungi typically occur in moist warm conditions, and let’s face it, most of us don’t normally clean our washing machine after every use, even if we have the intention of doing so.
Airing the washing machine by keeping the door open is another thing we should do to prevent mould and mildew appearing, but that again, is not always possible – either we have an integrated washing machine or kids, or have to keep it closed for other reasons.
Constant use of washing programs on 30C or 40C doesn’t help either – mould fungi survive low temperatures.

We recommend immediate intervention once the mould problem has been spotted, to achieve the best possible cleaning result.
If you are unable to get hold of specially formulated washing machine cleaning detergent or prefer not to use one, you could try an alternative cleaning method, using ingredients usually available in most of the shops.

You’ll need the following:

•    cleaning detergent with bleach
•    25 gr citric acid
•    sponge
•    cleaning cloth
•    washing gloves

Carefully wipe the rubber seal of the washing mchine with a sponge or damp cloth first, removing the dirt that has accumulated in the folds.
Apply the cleaning detergent, making sure to cover the surfaces evenly. Close the door and let the detergent work for two hours.
Run a ‘rinse’ cycle, to wash away the cleaning detergent.
Place the citric acid in the washing powder dispenser and run a full cycle on the highest temperature your washing machine has.

Don’t forget that you must wear washing gloves while cleaning the washing machine with the detergent, to protect your skin from coming into contact with the bleach.

We recommend repeating the cleaning procedure every few months, to make sure that your washing machine is completely mould-free, your laundry smells nice and you are not exposed to harmful fungi that may cause health issues.