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Washer Dryer Repairs in London

Washer Dryer Repairs in London

When it comes to a combined washer/dryer, your home appliance has to work double hard to undertake the work that is normally divided between a washing machine and a tumble dryer.

Although designed to withstand the serious temperature changes, going from cold water for washing to a very high degree for drying, there is still a tremendous pressure for all the parts of your washer/dryer, and it might need maintenance or repair work done more often that a separate washing machine or a tumble dryer.

At Repairs4u we have fixed prices for washer/dryer combo repairs, and guarantee that it will work flawlessly for the next 12 months after we've taken care of it.

We can give that promise as we work with trained and certified washer/dryer repairs engineers, with many years’ experience, who've had the chance to repair many of the different brands models that are on the market today. In addition, we work directly with all household appliances manufacturers and guarantee the authenticity and quality of all spare parts we use.

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All our labour prices are fixed and include VAT