Repairs4U Tips - How to Clean an Electric Oven – Part 2

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In our previous article we wrote about how to clean textured, or continuous cleaning oven, and self-cleaning electric oven.
The cleaning of a regular, non-self-cleaning oven differs from the methods for the first two, and in some cases requires heavy scrubbing.
It is important to determine the type of electric oven before proceeding with the cleaning, as you might damage your oven if using unsuitable detergents and equipment.

First of all, make sure that kids and pets are sent out, or at least won’t be coming in the kitchen while you are cleaning the oven as most of the oven cleaning detergents contain harmful chemicals. Always wear gloves and protective mask when using oven cleaning sprays or solutions. Keep the windows open, make sure the kitchen is well ventilated.

Remove the racks and place them at the bottom of the oven.

Spray or cover the interior of the cold oven and the racks with cleaning detergent, including the door.
Make sure to place old dusters on the floor, underneath the oven. Otherwise the detergent might spill off and damage the floor.

Allow the detergent to work for at least an hour.

Remove the racks, scrub well, wash and dry and leave them aside.

Check if the charred grease has loosened, and chip off the hard particles with a scraper.
Scrub well with a non-scratching sponge and wipe the oven and door with a damp and cloth.

If some areas need re-cleaning, apply more detergent and leave for another half an hour.
Use the scrapper to remove the stubborn charred particles, scrub well and wipe again.

Polish the interior and exterior of the oven, replace the racks.

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