How to Clean a Fridge Freezer

At Repairs4U we repair fridge freezers on a daily basis. Some of the cases we’ve experienced in our work are freezers damaged by sharp objects, when the owners have tried to remove the ice that has accumulated over a period of time.

Fridge freezers should be cleaned on a regular basis, to avoid contamination of food and to make sure they work well and are used to their full capacity.

Freezers in particular can become over frosty and that limits the space you can use to store your food. It might also put off some people from cleaning them, and they often use sharp objects to remove the ice and damage their freezers, which have to be repaired or replaced.

Manufacturers suggest that freezers should be defrosted at least twice a year or when patches of frost start to appear.

The best time to clean your freezer is when you don’t have any food left inside or if the items you have stored could be kept in the fridge and cooked over the next few days. You should not re-freeze food.

First you need to switch off the freezer. Put towels underneath the appliance to absorb the water coming from the melting ice. Make sure to keep an eye on the freezer and mop up excess water to prevent flooding. You can speed up the procedure by placing containers with hot water inside the freezer.

Once the ice has melted, clean well and dry the freezer from inside and out, wash and dry the trays, put them back, close the door well and then switch it on again.

Fridges are easier, and you don’t have to switch off the appliance when cleaning it, just make sure you take out the trays out as quickly as possible and don’t leave the door open for too long.  Again, wash and dry the trays before putting them back.

Wipe all fridge surfaces, dry if necessary.
Always clean the bottoms of jars, bottles and other containers before storing them in the fridge.

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