How to Clean Zanussi Washer Dryer and Zanussi Dryer

Although Zanussi laundry appliances have been built to withstand everyday use for years, we would recommend that you take regular care for your Zanussi washing machine, washer dryer or a tumble dryer in order to prolong their lifespan.
At Repairs4U we have helped many customers with repairing their Zanussi washing machines and dryers, and are happy to also help with advice on how to care for their domestic appliances.

First you need to clean the seal, filter and drawer of any mould and limescale that have been building up since the last time your washing machine or washer dryer have been cleaned. This should be done regularly to prevent bacteria and mould spreading up – if this happens, you might not be able to clean the mould stains from the rubber seal and may have to replace it.

Drawers are tricky to clean, although most Zanussi washing machines and washer – dryers have removable ones. Again, limescale and mould normally take over if not regularly cared for, so make sure to use the appropriate detergents and get rid of them and the germs they spread.

Run a service wash – running a high temperature cycle on an empty drum. You can use cleaning solutions and or descalers for Zanussi washer dryers and washing machines. Manufacturers suggest a service wash is performed monthly.

If possible, always leave the door of your Zanussi washing machine open after use to allow air to circulate and prevent the mould and bacteria spreading.

Removing all dirt and limescale is very important as with time they spread and destroy the washing machine or washer dryer parts and you need to repair or change them.

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