Common Washing Machine Problems and Repairs

At Rpairs4U we care about our customers and always try to help and assist them in any way we can. We have identified some of the most common small problems that you might experience with washing machine repairs. This article is only a guideline and the cases described in it do not necessarily apply to all makes and models of washing machines.

We strongly advise you to seek professional help and book professional repairs services when necessary, even when you feel that you have identified the problem. Always take care about your safety, turning the power off or unplugging the washing machine before examining it.

Washing machine not spinning

This happens most often when the washing machine is either over-loaded or under-loaded, if there isn’t a more serious problem.
Most washing machines have a ‘Half load’ program, which you should use to help the appliances work better and not to put a strain on its spinning mechanism.
If the washing machine is over-loaded, this could prevent the water from draining and, consequently, the spinning cycle will not be able to start, for safety reasons. Adjust the program to ‘Drain’, and then run a spin cycle.
Whenever in doubt, call us. At Repairs4U we have the right washing machine repairs specialists who’ll take care of your domestic or commercial appliance, we offer the best washing machine repairs in London.

Washing machine not draining

Most likely the you’ve over-loaded the washing machine. Adjust the program to ‘Drain’ and retry.
If this doesn’t work, the problem is more serious and you should call a repairs specialist.
At Repairs4U we deal with drain problems, repairing all makes and models of washing machines, whether they are for commercial or domestic use.

Washing machine door not opening

Most likely the washing machine cycle hasn’t finished yet and it is not safe to open the door. All new washing machines have safety mechanisms build in to make sure the customers are not harmed if they try to open the door by mistake.
If the cycle has finished and the door still doesn’t open, it could indicate a problem. Check if there is still water in the washing machine and adjust to ‘Drain’. When the water has been drained and the door doesn’t open, you can try turning off the appliance and retry. The reason could be a faulty opening mechanism, if the door still doesn’t open.
When you've tried and checked everything and the door is still firmly closed, call a specialist. Repairs4U provides high quality washing machine repair services. Our repairs technicians have an extensive experience, in both domestic and commercial appliance repairs, and we provide washing machine repairs in London, at affordable and fixed prices.

Washing machine drum not working

Many things could cause the drum to stop working, faulty motor and/or controller, faulty belt, brushes being worn are some of them.
Only a washing machine repairs specialist could help in any of the above cases.
Repairs4U have an extensive experience in repairing and replacing these parts and we’ll be happy to help. We cover all London areas within the M25.

Noisy washing machine

There could be many reasons for this, here are the most common causes.
Something small could be stuck in the drum, producing noise anytime the drum is moving. Make sure to check your clothes for small change or other small things before washing them. Of course, a button or a bra wire could also cause the noise.
Something could be stuck in the drain pump. We recommend that you check the filter and remove it.
Worn out bearings is also a common cause of noise. You can check whether this is the reason by turning the drum by hand. If the noise still appears, then it would be the bearings.
At Repairs4U we can help and remove the cause of any type of noise your washing machine is producing. For repairs of all kinds and all makes and models of washing machines, we have the right repairs specialists, whether it’s for commercial or domestic appliances. We provide repairs services in London.

Washing machine bouncing and moving

Poor levelling is the most common cause of ‘bouncing’ washing machines, sometimes even causing them to move on their own.
In some cases, where the appliance is older than a few years, you should have the concrete weights checked, as well as the shock absorbent.
We could help with repair and advice. We provide services for London areas and boroughs within M25. Our repairs technicians have years of experience, providing affordable and competent repairs services for all makes and models, commercial and domestic washing machines

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