Dishwasher Innovations and Repairs

06 May 2015

Samsung, GE and LG have all presented impressive new dishwasher technologies and groundbreaking new features.

Samsung has invented the revolutionary WaterWall technology, where a sprayer moves across the bottom of the appliance, from back to front, with a wall of water, instead of the rotary sprayer in the middle of the dishwasher’s bottom that is featured in other dishwashers. This guarantees a full coverage of the whole interior of the appliance, and consequently, a perfect wash.

The GE Dishwashers latest features are also something to pay attention to. More wash power with 102 Cleaning jets is one of the technologies that make the GE stands out of the crowd. Bottle wash jets – containers with small openings at the top, guarantee to clean deep inside glasses and cups, and even the most hard to reach areas. The Pirahna, another smart feature, is a hard food disposer that breaks down the large food particles, making them easily filtered.

LG TrueSteam dishwasher makes a perfect clean without pre-wash possible, thanks to its real steam generator.
Another smart feature in the dishwasher is the Dual Spray technology, where water pressure could be customized for every rack so heavily stained and lightly smeared crockery and cutlery are washed in the same time, in one cycle.
The Steam Delicate technology in LG TrueSteam dishwasher is another innovative achievement. You can wash the finest of dishes with this cycle without worrying that they’ll break while in the dishwasher.

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