Energy efficient use of domestic kitchen appliances

01 May 2015

Changing the way we use our kitchen appliances or the way we cook, as well as making sure we repair them when necessary, can reduce the energy we use and consequently, our bills.

Kettles – make sure to fill the kettle only with the amount of water you need. To further save energy, use electric kettle, it uses less energy and you get boiling hot water in much shorter time.

For a toast, use the toaster instead of the grill or oven, it’s faster and again, uses less energy.

Washing machines – most, if not all washing machines have ‘quick wash’ or ‘super quick’ options these days. If the items for washing are not extremely dirty, they would be washed perfectly well for half the time of the main program you choose.

Dishwashers – make sure to only run a dishwasher when full, this will save energy and money.

Saving energy when cooking

The cost of cooking amounts to about 5% of the average energy bill. When buying a new cooker, it’s worth checking the energy label; the A-rated appliances are the highest energy-savers. Following some simple tips can save us time and money. Here we have a few for oven cooking.

  • Find out how long it takes for your oven to pre-heat so you can start cooking immediately after it’s ready.
  • Remember to defrost food prior to cooking. It takes about half the time to cook compared to frozen food.
  • Keep the oven door closed when cooking. The heat will be reduced each time you open the door and the oven will need time to get back to the required temperature, using more, rather than less, energy.
  • Electric ovens can be turned off about ten minutes before the required cooking time us up. They will retain the required temperature for this long after being switched off.
  • Glass and ceramic dishes have been found to be the best when cooking in the oven, speeding up the process.

Regular professional maintenance and repairs help with reducing energy further

However new our kitchen appliance is and whether we use mostly the oven or the hobs when cooking, we still need our cooker to be in good working order to save energy.

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