How to defrost a Fridge/Freezer

23 Apr 2015

At Repairs4U we repair fridge/freezers on a daily basis, and we’ve seen cases with excessive frost and ice build-ups. This prevents the kitchen appliances from working properly.

Our advice is to keep the door of your kitchen appliance open for as little as possible when using it. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a position to defrost your fridge/freeze more often than you might like to.

If you always take a reasonable care of your fridge/freezer and it still fills up with ice more often and quicker than it should, you are more likely to have a problem that needs to be solved by a specialist.

At Repairs4U we are always ready to help with quick and timely professional fridge/freezer repairs in London. Our repairs technicians have worked with all brands of domestic and commercial fridges, freezers and combined fridge/freezers.
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Although the defrosting of a freezer is easy, it is still time consuming.

First you have to switch the appliance off, and then take out the food stored in the freezer compartment of your fridge/freezer. You can place the food in a cooler box or wrap it in towels and keep it in the coldest area of your house, this should keep it frozen for as long as possible, hopefully until the freezer is defrosted and you can use it again.

Take out all removable shelves and drawers. Some of them you might not be able to move, leave them for later as you are very likely to break them if pulling hard. This is because the ice prevents them from moving. Leave them aside and clean well later.

Try to take out as much ice as possible without using force.
Place towels underneath the fridge/freezer to absorb the leaking water.

There are a few methods you can use to defrost the stubborn ice but we would recommend the two below:
- Leave the freezer switched off and with an open door for the ice to melt on its own (this takes a long time).
- Put bowls or pans filled with boiling hot water on each shelf of the freezer compartment and close the door to speed up the process of melting. Open only occasionally to mop up the water and to see if there are blocks of ice you could easily remove.
Change the water when it starts to cool down. In about 20 to 30 minutes, if not sooner, the steam should’ve loosened the ice enough so you can safely remove it.
Mop up the remaining water, clean and dry well.

Now clean the seal and check if it might need replacement. An old, not well functioning seal could be the cause of ice building up.

Repairs4U provides quality fridge and freezer repair services, for all brands, domestic and commercial. We can solve any fridge/freezer problems you could experience with this kitchen appliance. We repair any damage or change a faulty part when necessary, prolonging the life span of your fridge/freezer.
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