Fridge/Freezer Repairs and Maintenance in London

20 Apr 2015

London Fire Brigade warns that unsafe fridges cause fire and risk lives

According to the London Fire Brigade statistics, there is one fire per week caused by a fridge/freezer unsafely insulated with flammable materials. As many as seven people have been killed and 71 injured since 2010, and London Fire Brigade has appealed to manufacturers to use fireproof materials to guarantee the safety of fridge/freezer owners.
Fridge/freezers are some of the domestic and commercial kitchen appliances that stay switched on all the time, with only a few hours break when deeply cleaned, which doesn’t happen often. Although designed to work continuously without being switched off, fridge/freezers need regular check-ups and maintenance. This will definitely reassure any owner that their kitchen appliance is safe to use.

At Repairs4U we have years of experience in repairing combined fridge/freezers, fridges and freezers, whether domestic or commercial kitchen appliances. Our technicians have been certified by City Guild, and have worked with all brands of fridge/freezers.
Repairs4U provides fridge repairs services in London, for all makes and models. We cover all London areas within the M25.
Fridge/freezer repairs in London are just a click or a phone call away with us, with reliable and friendly customer service and high quality fridge repairs. Our highly qualified engineers are experts in determining what the problem is and have the knowledge and the skills to quickly repair it on site. In fact, all fridge repairs we do in London are done on site, on the same or next day.
For fridge/freezer repair services in London, Repairs4U is always the best choice.

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