Commercial Fridge and Freezer Maintenance Care and Repairs in London – Part 2

01 Jan 2017

Commercial fridges and freezers have to work much harder than their domestic counterparts. Although specifically designed for commercial use, or may be because of that, they need a daily care and maintenance to perform at their best. 

As we explained in our previous article, the care for your commercial cabinetfridge or freezer, begins with its arrival at your premises.
You should make sure to let the fridge or freezer to rest in upright position for at least an hour before switching it on, in case it has been tipped on its back when transported.
Optimum ventilation will prolong the lifespan of your commercial cabinet and help it work better.
Proper levelling is paramount for the good work of a professional fridge or freezer.

The proper daily use and cleaning of a commercial fridge or freezer will ensure it reaches maximum loading capacity and best performance.

Ideally, you should allow the fridge to reach the temperature it is to operate at, and then load it. The products you place in the commercial fridge should have the same or close temperature to the one of the unit you are loading, either refrigerated in a special cold room or received cold when delivered.
When loading, make sure the products are well distributed, with equal space between them so air could circulate.

Take care not to place hot products inside the commercial fridge or freezer as this will eventually lead to icing of the evaporator and temperature rise.
Check the thermometer every day to see if the desired temperature is maintained.

Cleaning your professional cooling unit shouldn’t be ignored. This will help the appliance to maintain the ideal desirable temperature and perform at its best.

Gaskets should be regularly cleaned and inspected for damages, replaced if damaged. This is extremely important as gaskets help maintain temperature levels of the cooling appliance.

Daily attention should be paid to the cleaning of the interior and exterior of the commercial fridges and professional freezers. This will ensure both the quality of the displayed products and the best performance of the units.

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