Commercial Fridge and Freezer Maintenance Care and Repairs in London - Part 1

27 Dec 2016

Commercial cabinets, especially fridges, work much harder than domestic fridge freezers. Although specifically designed for professional use, they still need daily maintenance care to prolong their life. Taking a timely care of your commercial fridge or freezer will help you to benefit from their best performance and make sure the appliances won’t need to be repaired more often than necessary.

The care for your commercial fridge or freezer starts the moment you receive it in the premise.
Make sure you leave it to rest in standing position for at least an hour before switching it on. This is important as the appliance might’ve been tipped or laid on its back when transported.

Ventilation is extremely important for commercial freezers and fridges. Choosing the right place for your cabinet will help the appliance work well. It will also prolong its lifespan as it won’t make the condensing unit to work harder in order to maintain the require temperature.
Energy consumption will decrease or stay at an acceptable level if the unit is well ventilated.
Take care not to block ventilation by stacking boxes on top or around the cabinets. For optimum performance, ensure the minimum clearance of 60 mm around the appliance.

A proper levelling is extremely important part of commercial fridge or freezer maintenance

To provide access for engineers, you should make sure that top-mounted cabinets are fixed at 500 mm away from the ceiling. 

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