Washing Machine Maintenance and Repairs in London

28 Nov 2016

The regular maintenance of domestic and professional kitchen and laundry appliances is extremely important, as it improves their performance and prolong their lifespan.

Washing machine maintenance wash is one of the things you can do without using washing machine repair services, to help clean the inside of the appliance and remove any bad smell, if this is an issue.

Washing machine manufacturers, as well as cleaning detergents manufacturers, recommend that a washing machine maintenance wash is done once a month.
At Repairs4U we would advise the same, and also recommend that water softening detergents are used regularly between maintenance washes to keep your washing machine as clean as possible and prevent the build-up of limescale.

In our practice we have seen a lot of washing machines that could’ve been saved if cared for properly. People often forget to take care of their appliances. Unfortunately washing doesn’t mean cleaning in this case, and bacteria and limescale take hold of and start ruining the washing machine bit by bit. The damages are repairable most of the times, but not always cost effective.

For washing machine maintenance wash you should use the highest temperature of the appliance, 90°C or 95°C, depending on the manufacturer. The high degree temperature itself will destroy most of the harmful bacteria, the detergent will do the rest of the cleaning.

Repairs4U provides professional washing machine repairs in London, for all areas inside M25. Our friendly and competent engineers are always happy to help with a washing machine repair or advice on maintenance.


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