Common Electric Cooker, Oven and Hobs Faults and Repairs

20 Nov 2016

At Repairs4U we are always happy to help our clients, with advice or with professional or domestic appliances repairs.

We have identified and made a list of the most common electric cooker, oven and hobs faults.We have been providing repair services for many years and really hope it will help our customers to identify the issues they have with their appliances.

Oven not heating up
There are a few reasons why the oven is not heating up. Depending on the type of electric oven you have, it could be an oven element failure for non-fan ovens, or fan element or/and oven element failure.
Another reason could be a problem with the main oven changeover switch, most likely caused by a faulty thermostat.
Some models have a thermal fuse that causes a problem with the oven switch. This is usually due to either a failed thermostat or ventilation.

Oven overheats
In most cases this is caused by a faulty thermostat, which needs to be replaced. We recommend that a professional oven repairs engineer is called in.

Oven door not closing completely
Usually this is due to faulty, worn off or broken hinges or hinge runners. When the hinge runners’ little rollers weaken, this puts strain on the hinges. Hinges are not designed to hold the door on their own, and will break down at some point, if not repaired on time.

Our professional oven repairs engineers recommend that both hinges and rollers/runners are replaced in the same time, even if only one of them is faulty. This is because, even if not at first visible, the second roller or runner has started to weaken. Once it breaks completely, it will put pressure on the new one and will cause it to fail.

Electric hob not heating up
When an electric hob is not heating up properly, this is usually caused by a faulty cooking plate element. Our hob repairs engineers recommend that you check your pans’ bases first – if uneven, they could be the cause of lower heat.

Unable to control heat on electric hob
If you are unable to adjust the heat once the hob has been switched on, the problem is usually a faulty switch. You could find out if this is the case by using an alternative switch.

We recommend that you call a professional repairs engineer whenever you need help with your electric oven, cooker or hobs.

Repairs4U provides domestic and professional electric ovens, hobs and cookers repairs in London. We cover all areas within M25.


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