The Most Common Dishwasher Problems

12 Nov 2016

Modern kitchen appliances are, without a doubt, irreplaceable when it comes to making our lives easier. As one of the most useful domestic appliance, the dishwasher is often used daily in many households, and a few times a day in business premises such as coffee shops and restaurants.

However, sooner or later small problems start to appear, and the dishwasher is suddenly not working as well as it used to. There are things we can do, such as cleaning some of the dishwasher’s parts and use certain detergent to prevent some of the issues.
In other cases, professional dishwasher repair service provider should be called anytime we are not sure about what is wrong.

Here are some of the most common dishwasher problems.

Water at the bottom of the dishwasher after a full washing cycle
Empty the dishwasher, take out the filter and clean it well. Check for small food particles and pieces from chipped and broken glasses and china that sometimes clog the system.
If that doesn’t help, you should call a dishwasher repair engineer.

Dishes Come out Dirty
The chances are the sprayers are clogged. Turn off the dishwasher and empty it. Check the small holes the water come out from, they might be covered with a thin layer of grime, preventing the water from spraying evenly. Clean them well if necessary.

Cloudy Glasses 
The most common reason for cloudy glasses is hard water. You can find out whether this is the case with the vinegar test. Soak a glass in vinegar for five minutes – it should come out clean.
At Repairs4U we recommend the use of specifically formulated detergents for hard water, and regular cleaning of the dishwasher. This will to avoid grime and limescale building up, ruining your cutlery and crockery, and shortening the lifespan of your dishwasher.

Water leaking from the door of the dishwasher
Check if something is preventing the door from closing completely, such as fork, knife, spoon, etc. You should also inspect the dishwasher’s rubber seal, it could be displaced or broken, allowing the water to seep through.

Burning smell coming from the dishwasher
It is most likely that one or more of the heaters is burning or has become displaced and in contact with one of the surrounding plastic elements, causing the burning smell.
You should call a dishwasher repairs engineer as soon as possible.

The colours of the china and glassware are fading
Again, this is most likely caused by hard water. Use washing detergents that help softening the water, and if necessary, add extra rinse to the washing cycle.

Anytime you are in doubt as to waht might be wrong, call a professional dishwasher repairs engineer.

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