Introducing Electrolux Washing Machines and Dryers

12 Apr 2016

Electrolux has come a long way since 1919, when the company was founded. But despite the change of times and the needs of different generations, there are a few things that haven’t changed, and they make this brand special and unique. These are the Electrolux designers’ vision for innovative and sleek designs, advanced and well incorporated features, and irreplaceable, consumer orientated products.

Electrolux offers a range of washing machines, tumble dryers and combined washer-dryers, both free standing and built-in models. The choice is huge, and as all products are perfectly executed, not easy to make, but you can always prioritise when it comes to choosing an Electrolux washing machine, Electrolux dryer or a combined version to suit your needs.

Efficiency is the keys word for Electrolux washing machines and dryers - efficiency when it comes to perfect washing results every single time, as well as energy efficiency.

Depending on your family’s needs, you can choose a large or a small load capacity Electrolux washing machine, without compromising on the quality of washing. The direct spray washing technology feature adjusts the amount of water used in each cycle, depending on the size of the load.

Electrolux dryers are also perfectly well designed and executed, and the company have made their own research and found out how much longer it takes to tumble dry clothes when they are spun at different rpm. For example, if you use the 1000 rpm, your laundry will need additional 25 minutes to dry, compared to the 1600 rpm option. 

Electrolux is one of our favourite brands, and at Repairs4U we are always on the lookout for new additions to the Electrolux family.
We provide our customers with high quality Electrolux washing machine repairs and Electrolux dryer repair services. Our professional repairs engineers cover all London areas within M25.

For our repairs we use only authentic spare parts, and are always happy to help our customers with advice for future maintenance.
You can rely on us for any Electrolux washing machine or dryer repairs, installations and maintenance.


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