Professional Dishwasher Repairs in London

The Creative Repairs Team
The Creative Repairs Team

One of the most useful domestic inventions of the last century is the humble dishwasher, although the first mechanical dishwasher has been invented as far back as 1850, by Joel Houghton, as a hand-powered wooden device.

The first modern domestic dishwasher has been invented in England by William Howard Livens in 1924, and had the basic features still present in almost all dishwashing kitchen appliances today – a front door for loading, a rotating sprayer and a wire rack. A drying component has been added some years later.

The dishwasher is becoming increasingly popular. Statistics in Britain have indicated that in the short time from 1994 until 2014, the percent of households owning a dishwasher has increased significantly to 44, starting at 18 when the research started. This only comes to show how useful this kitchen appliance is, and how more and more people rely on it, or simply prefer to make their lives easier by using it.

Like all electric kitchen appliances, your dishwasher will, inevitably, need a repair service one day, most likely soon after its warranty has expired.

Repairs4U specialises in professional and domestic dishwasher repairs for all models and makes. Our certified repair engineers have been trained to the highest possible standard. We provide the same or next day dishwasher repair service, at a time that is convenient for our clients.
Dishwasher installations, whether for free-standing or built-in appliances, are also offered as a separate service.

Repairs4U covers all London areas within M25. 
For our dishwasher repairs we use only genuine spare parts, and never compromise on quality.